National Coalition for Health Integration (NCHI): Bringing order to the chaotic health information technology through grid computing

The National Coalition for Health Integration (NCHI) initiative is an ambitious attempt to establish a truly interoperable environment for linking independent health information technology projects around the US through an open framework. With an all-star team of business and scientific directors funded entirely through private donations made by its principal founder, billionaire pharmaceutical entrepreneur Patrick Soon-Shiong, M.D., NCHI seeks to establish "virtual organizations" which combine numerous disparate health organizations across all sub-specialties and functional purposes (i.e. billing, administration, health records, etc.) and without concern for traditional geographic constraints. It utilizes in an unprecedented fashion institutes of higher education and their leading academic innovators in bio-informatics and grid computing. Truly a revolutionary initiative which will undoubtedly emerge as a major foundational element of any long-term improvement in the delivery of quality care. (www.nchiconnect.org)

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