Lightening strike during Obama speech...


October Bombshell: Obama on NPR calling for "redistribution of wealth"...

Last week Obama came dangerously close to quoting Karl Marx, the father of Communism, when he told Joe the Plumber that he wanted to "spread the wealth around".  Luckily for Obama, he gets the benefit of the doubt from nearly every major media outlet, so nobody seriously challenged the Senator on the point and it was quickly swept under the rug. However, this morning the DrudgeReport is breaking big news, an interview from 2001 in which Obama not only derides the Supreme Court for not actively "redistributing wealth" during the civil rights era, but also discusses how he thinks such redistribution could be accomplished today through legislation rather than from the bench. Sounds suspiciously like an argument for reparations to me, anyone else think so?

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Sarah Palin draws highest SNL ratings in 14 years...

Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin attracted the highest rated audience on Saturday Night Live in 14 years with her much anticipated appearance this past weekend.  Governor Palin's candidacy is has been the only thing more volatile than Wall Street this past month, with conservatives initially embracing her with open arms and more importantly, open checkbooks, before recent polls have shown her losing the confidence of voters as she criss-crosses the country on her first national campaign tour.

I was initially confused by McCain's choice of the freshman Governor from Alaska, but I have to admit that she is the only candidate on either ticket that represents anything that could be considered "change" from what we all consider to be a broken federal government.  The folks at SNL have sure had their fun with Governor Palin this fall, and all things considered she has been a pretty good sport, which is far more than can be said about another woman on the campaign trail this year- Michelle Obama.  

Patrick Buchanan raised a fair point in his article about Palin's portrayal in the media when he questioned why SNL has yet to parody the Senator from Illinois wife.  Pat, the answer is obvious- they have an agenda and to laugh at Michelle Obama would ruin the possibility of getting her soon-to-be president husband to host the show later this fall.  It is as simple and pathetic as that.