Obama clinches nomination but hits self-destruct button during victory dance...

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Senator Barack Obama has finally clinched the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, defeating the once unbeatable Senator Hillary Clinton on the night of the 50th (not including US territories) and final primary contest. Interestingly, the party decided that despite the fact that Senator Clinton won nearly every state that will matter in November and received the most total votes in the history of American political primaries with over 18 million.

For the life of me I cannot figure out why the Democratic Party would choose a first-term Senator from Illinois whose legislative record is basically non-existent in an election against perhaps the most qualified, popular and well-known Republican politician in America, Senator John McCain. Nothing in his background, with the exception of his Ivy League education, suggests Sen. Obama has the skills and experience that would typically prepare a politician for the pressures of the most powerful job in the world. Essentially, the only reason Obama managed to eek out his primary victory against a surging Clinton campaign, which clearly won the last three months of this six month battle, was the fact that they were able to convince enough super-delegates that he "deserved" to win and the media seemed all too willing to go along with that overriding assumption.

If the Clinton campaign was truly honest, or could afford the consequences of telling it like it really is, there is not a chance in hell Barack Obama would have made it passed the trouncing he was dealt in Ohio (where he lost 55/57 counties). The real Barack Obama has yet to be seen in public during this campaign because Democrats couldn't afford to be honest about their presumptive nominee and set the table for the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" to eat away at his many glaring weaknesses.

Much more to come..... Let Race Begin!!!

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