Loss of second political genius in a fortnight (not George Carlin, but sadly he died too)

The video below is a a brief tribute from Slate for Tony Schwartz, the political ad genius who made over 2000 ads during his brilliant career. Such a shame to loss two great men at such a historic political time. It seems as if everyone is passing recently, both in news and in the lives of some of my dearest friends. I guess bad things do happen in bunches.

The video is sourced from one of the best blogs on the future and The World We'll Inherit, Tilzy.tv. I offer the same question to readers of this page that Jamison Tilsner posses to his readers at Tilzy.tv, "Does the now commonplace mudslinging of presidential politicking downgrade the national debate, or does it force accountability?" (I will follow up with my answer after a bit of contemplation). Oh yeah, George Carlin RIP.
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