Arrested Development via Hulu, brought to you by Toyota...

Image representing hulu as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase
NBC and News Corp launched Hulu on Wednesday, the long anticipated answer from the networks to the viral internet distribution pioneered by YouTube. It doesn't take much to see what sets Hulu apart- no dogs that can skateboard. The content is taken straight off the shelves of the major broadcast affiliates and motion picture studios. Additionally, their ad strategies are unmatched by any other major video destination site. I had the pleasure of participating as a beta tester for the lengthy private testing phase, and the developers should be proud because they have finally toppled YouTube as "best in breed" in online video.
Content on Hulu includes 470 SNL skits from every season, the entire first season of Arrested Development, 137 clips and 9 full episodes of The Office, and much more...

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