Experimenting with circaVie timeline creator to track presidential hopefuls on road to the White House...

I stumbled upon circaVie while browsing new Web 2.0 startups, and I was immediately impressed by the widgets offered to bloggers as a means of presenting informational of temporal significance in an orderly and easily navigable fashion. The idea of presenting, or more specifically searching, information according to time-characteristics has long fascinated me, but heretofore few startups were dabbling in technologies that offered such advanced tools for presenting information along a timeline. I will be expanding upon the timeline below as the primary season rolls forward. I welcome any volunteers who would like to contribute to the content included in the timeline, as I would like to make it as comprehensive as possible, including articles, videos, podcasts and photos to provide every conceivable angle on the primary contests. Simply send me a request and I will forward you an invitation to contribute.

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