Women, please step off our text messages!

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The proliferation of technology in everyday life has given rise to many new ethical conundrums that nearly all of us encounter on a daily basis. One that I am certain we have all had some experience with is the erosion of our personal privacy caused by the accumulation of personal information and potential sensitive correspondence with friends via cell phone text messages. Now it appears as if even the Prince of England has fallen victim of cellular snooping as his longtime girlfriend terminated their relationship after finding an apparently salacious text message from a female admirer on Prince Harry's phone.

A few weeks ago, as I was driving to work, the morning talk show hosts were having a light-hearted debate about whether or not it was appropriate for a spouse to spy on their significant other by searching their cell phone text message archive. Listeners were encouraged to call and share their opinions, which largely reflected whether or not each particular caller had either busted their spouse lying or had been busted themselves. However, one trend did emerge as men and women both had opportunities to share their stories; women like to snoop on their man, and it is time for men everywhere to stand up for themselves and take back their right to cellular privacy.

I am close to the young prince in age, and I too have recently come out of a four-year relationship, and though I don't typically take interest in gossip and celebrity lifestyles, I find myself compelled to speak out in defense of the modern man. I have indeed fallen victim to my ex-girlfriend's curiosity, which has on occasion led me to make the unwise decision to retaliate with a counter-snoop, so I cannot claim to be without fault. However, i can say confidently that I have enough respect for individual privacy that had I not been provoked I would have kept my eyes to myself.
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