Stop complaining about CNN/YouTube Debate and remember, at least we showed up...

mediabistro.com: FishbowlDC- Conservative group threatens lawsuit against CNN for it handling of YouTube debate

Why is everyone so upset about the way Republicans were treated in the CNN/YouTube debate? Let us not forget, CNN is essentially the progressive alternative to Fox News, so the fact that the GOP candidates even showed up speaks to the difference in political courage between the two fields of primary candidates. As far as I know, Joe Biden is the only serious Democrat with the marbles to accept Fox's invitation to debate in Detroit in an event co-hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus. Every single GOP candidate showed up in Florida.

Going into the debate I assumed that CNN would try to get the candidates to associate themselves with Bush as often as possible, but the name Bush was mentioned only twice and each candidate was able to articulate at length what they have to offer.  I thought the candidates were humanized and generally came across as presidential.

While the questions from voters are great, having them submitted via video is merely a variation on the forum-styled debates which have been a staple in presidential campaigns since the first Iowa caucus. It was when I saw the first candidate-produced video, I believe it was Representative Tom Trancredo's, that I felt the process had been truly revolutionized.  Below you can view the candidates as they confront the currently touchy subject of waterboarding.

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