Edwards campaign tries to silence UNC journalism student...

Charlotte Observer: Edwards Tussles with UNC over video

The John Edwards campaign has apparently been offended by a University of North Carolina journalism student who made the video seen below. UNC professor and retired political reporter Leroy Towns told the Charlotte Observer that he was called by the Edwards camp and asked if he would kill the video, which his student had posted on YouTube and entered in a contest hosted by MTV. In the report, student reporter Carla Babb discusses the quasi-hypocritical decision to setup campaign headquarters in the most affluent neighborhood of Chapel Hill.

Personally, I don't understand the point being made. At one point a UNC newspaper reporter quotes "the poet Jay-Z", which is as ridiculous as anything I have ever heard. However, to think that Edwards' staff felt so threatened by such a silly video is even more ridiculous. I suggest everyone watch and decide for themselves if there is a legitimate reason to silence this young and talented journalist.

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