TWWI redesigned to reflect change of focus...

This blog has just recently turned 1, and as I have reflected on my first year of blogging it is my determination that I have lost sight of the initial purpose for this blog, which was to raise awareness and participation in political discourse by younger generations that believe, as I, that we are being marginalized by the current crop of politicians. What I had originally intended was that I would recruit others to participate and post their thoughts, but after repeated attempts I have been unable to convince any of my friends that it is worth their time and effort to put their thoughts about the past, present and future in writing and openly available for comment. My offer to anyone who would like to contribute remains open, but I am not holding out hope for building such a blogging community in the near-term.

What TWWI has in fact become is basically a soapbox for me to vent about my displeasure with factually challenged comments made by Chris Matthews or Nancy Pelosi, which has both made me a better writer and more confident in my opinions, but fails to convey the type of message that is captured in the blog summary at the top of this page.

As you can see I have considerably redesigned the blog, enlarging the default text size and font, changing the background and periphery colors, and added a few new features in recent weeks and days. I chose green for the background because one of the issues I plan to feature in my upcoming posts is green building and energy reform. I have spent considerable time and effort researching "green" technologies in recent weeks, and I am left convinced that to deny the importance of "going green" is both ignorant and dangerous.
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