Social Security is much greater threat to future generations than global warming ever will be...

The current crop of Congressional leaders has made it clear time and again that they care very little about anything other than keeping their jobs, and as a result the future of the country and the problems that we (future generations of Americans) will inherit are going to be far more difficult to solve. Neither party seems interested in addressing any issue that involves cutting spending, instead choosing to embrace everything that allows them to make promises to spend more money.

The most obvious and potentially disastrous of these spending programs as it currently exists is the social security system, which is poised for insolvency and inevitable collapse. However, the political will to take on the issue does not exist because it is not a politically popular issue, most likely because young voters have failed to stand up for their future and their tax dollars. Politicians in Washington have chosen to gloss over this impending disaster by screaming from the hills about global warming, or another convenient issue that allows them to point fingers at each other at election time.

I was struck recently when I saw a commercial that featured a younger adult standing on railroad tracks as a train barreled down on him. Of course, he stepped clear just in time to avoid the locomotive while simultaneously extolling the virtues of securing the future on behalf of those who are still too young to appreciate the potential problems that would result from inaction, or rather a collective lack of political will and vision to take into account the impact our decisions have on the world once we are but a fleeting memory. However, what caught my attention was not the truth in the underlying message the ad was trying to convey, but rather the fact that the out of control locomotive was meant to represent global warming, which might be a problem that deserves our attention, but it is hardly the most pressing and potentially calamitous issue facing policymakers today.

Certainly it could not reasonably be argued that global warming poses a greater threat to the world of my children than the inevitable collapse of social security, or could it? The Democratic Party has certainly chosen to make global warming a higher priority, refusing to even negotiate changes to the social security system, while simultaneously denouncing anyone who dare question the integrity of the scientists, who insist that humans are to blame for the current rise in CO2 levels in the atmosphere, as dangerously irresponsible.

WHO CARES WHERE THE BLAME LIES!? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Oh, thats right, not a damn thing. Do us all a favor Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, AL GORE; either do something about it, or move on to an issue you are willing to do something about.

How about taking on Social Security? I can understand why Democrats try to suppress the Social Security debate, especially when their party platform is to maintain the current pay-as-you-go system that has created the enormous shortfall in the first place. But unless you are over the age of 50, how can you ignore the reckless disregard shown by Democrats, the party that loves to claim victory among young voters, for the fiscal future of our federal government?

The current popular issue among Democratic presidential hopefuls is universal healthcare, which has become the cornerstone of the Democrat's 2008 campaign platform. I can sympathize with this decision, as it definitely sounds good and if properly articulated it could be a major force behind a Democratic electoral triumph. However, when taking into account the realities of finances and existing social welfare programs, it will be absolutely impossible for the Democrats to win unless they are able to explain how a universal health insurance program will fit into a federal budget that is already taxed beyond sustainable levels.


Hired by Google as a private contractor for Local Business Referrals Program...

A few days ago I happened upon a Google program that offers to pay people to enhance their Google business directory with detailed profiles and pictures of local establishments. It is officially known as the Google Local Referrals Program, and it only takes about five minutes and a Google Account to apply. It is a bit unclear upfront about how much it could potentially offer a dedicated participant, but after viewing the tutorial and weighing the potential earnings against the amount of time involved in collecting the necessary information, the program appears to be everything that it promises.

Though it only guarantees $2 for each referral up front, the program pays out a further $8 upon confirmation of the information you submit. The tutorial Google made for beginning users of this incentive service essentially instructs users to always have their camera and a small notebook with them, because participants should be able to earn up to $10 for every errand they run. This is at least how I am going to approach this new opportunity, since almost everywhere I go each day is likely already listed on Google Maps. Lunch could potentially pay for itself everyday if I am willing to put in the time speaking with the owner and snapping photos while munching on my meal.

I am very excited to get started with the program and I recommend it to everyone out their looking to supplement their income and confident enough to get all of the information the program calls upon you to supply. I will report back regularly on my experiences with the program, and I would like to hear what others have to say about it.


TWWI redesigned to reflect change of focus...

This blog has just recently turned 1, and as I have reflected on my first year of blogging it is my determination that I have lost sight of the initial purpose for this blog, which was to raise awareness and participation in political discourse by younger generations that believe, as I, that we are being marginalized by the current crop of politicians. What I had originally intended was that I would recruit others to participate and post their thoughts, but after repeated attempts I have been unable to convince any of my friends that it is worth their time and effort to put their thoughts about the past, present and future in writing and openly available for comment. My offer to anyone who would like to contribute remains open, but I am not holding out hope for building such a blogging community in the near-term.

What TWWI has in fact become is basically a soapbox for me to vent about my displeasure with factually challenged comments made by Chris Matthews or Nancy Pelosi, which has both made me a better writer and more confident in my opinions, but fails to convey the type of message that is captured in the blog summary at the top of this page.

As you can see I have considerably redesigned the blog, enlarging the default text size and font, changing the background and periphery colors, and added a few new features in recent weeks and days. I chose green for the background because one of the issues I plan to feature in my upcoming posts is green building and energy reform. I have spent considerable time and effort researching "green" technologies in recent weeks, and I am left convinced that to deny the importance of "going green" is both ignorant and dangerous.


Why I booed a wounded Iraq veteran at Lollapalooza...

At the end of Pearl Jam's performance to close out Chicago's annual Lollapalooza Music Festival in Grant Park, Eddie Vedder brought out a wounded Iraq War veteran to play on the crowds sympathy and build support for the anti-war movement, and as soon as he said the words, "...we need to end this illegal occupation in Iraq...", I couldn't help but break the crowd's respectful and attentive hush with the loudest BOOOOO I could muster.

Don't get me wrong, I respect that Marine as much as any other and I was not booing him, because clearly he has had an experience that I could never possibly understand, which is why I didn't start booing as soon as he started talking. My boos were meant for Eddie Vedder, who chose to turn my first Pearl Jam concert into my first peace rally, which is something I really don't appreciate.

Anyway, while booing and flashing W's (to show my respect for 'Dubya' and his policies) with both hands to the many thousands of dazed onlookers who I successfully distracted from the anti-war diatribe going on in front of us, I was suddenly bum rushed from behind by some extremely aggressive pacifists. Thankfully, I wasn't the only one in the crowd annoyed by the band's impromptu demonstration, so the hippies who took me on were quickly swept aside by my less vocal (but more rowdy) allies, while my friends wisely removed me from the situation while I still had my composure.

Interestingly, the pacifist started throwing punches at my new friends, which seemed to be counter-intuitive to the message of peace and reconciliation they had so passionately defended moments before. I learned just this evening that my friends didn't fair very well in the confrontation (which is the one thing I now regret the most). I am not going to judge them for letting their passions get the best of them, after all, I had just booed a paralyzed veteran because he was used as a conduit by a drunk rock star to trounce on my principles and generally exploit the vulnerable nature of his captivated audience. In fact, I think it is great that their are people who care as much as I do.

This is my first post in awhile because I have recently begun working during the day (like a big boy), but it is definitely the most interesting story I have had to tell in awhile, so I hope it was enjoyed. I know I might have overreacted, but I don't really care. Laura Ingram said it best when she entitled her book about politics and pop culture "Shut Up and Sing". Eddie Vedder, this means you!

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