GOP finally starting to understand the power of Web 2.0...

I recently received an anonymous comment directing me to a new social bookmarking site that is dedicated to promoting stories and ideas that are favorable to the right-minded reader (pun intended). For the last year or so, the Web 2.0 sphere has been dominated by the communists, and it is high time the more intelligent and responsible aspects of American political discourse take back the internet from the likes of Reddit and Digg, who overtly censor the information submitted to reflect their Democratic biases.

They certainly cannot suppress us any longer, or complain because of a supposed "lack of balance". What is really hilarious to me is the fact that so many liberal bloggers have used these self-censored forums to blast Fox News and Rupert Murdock for their supposed lack of balance. GOPHub.com offers the first Web 2.0 site that is completely dedicated to furthering the cause of conservatives and I am excited to see it grow and mature as more conservatives come to understand how to utilize it to reach new readers and proliferate intelligence. I encourage everyone who cares about keeping the GOP in control in 2008 to submit stories and contribute to the fight of the right to take back the internet!

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