Bush Commutes Scotter Libby's Sentence...

FoxNews.com: Political leaders express outrage, support for 'Scooter' Libby's commuted sentence...

President Bush has taken the bold move of commuting the prison sentence of former-Cheney Chief of Staff Lewis Scooter Libby, and I applaud him for this. The entire affair had become so absurd and overblown by the likes of Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman, who would sell their souls' to make George Bush look corrupt, that a man's distinguished career has been ruined in the course of an investigation that sought to uncover information about something in which he had no direct involvement.

Matthews actually had the audacity to assert that Bush gave Libby a free pass by "pardoning him", and made it sound like the independent investigator was supposed to be judging the way in which the administration sold the war to the public. I absolutely love to hate Chris Matthews; it is a bliss that is hard to convey, though it is nearly impossible to pacify. Every time he mentions the Libby issue I end up screaming at the TV.

Guess what Chris, Wilson's own report said Saddam was seeking uranium in Niger. But above all, it is ridiculous to say that 30 months in prison is just as bad as being impeached by Congress, as Clinton was for the exact same crime. In the end, Clinton had to pay a fine and he was disbarred for his offense, but nobody argued seriously that he should go to prison, and he was not removed from his job. The journalistic integrity of MSNBC is seriously in question whenever this issue comes up because of the obviousness of their Bushitus. At least they always have the most intellectually inept guests, probably since nobody of any integrity will fall in line with their talking points.

Zealous partisans who burst out in twitching fits every time they hear the name George W. Bush will no doubt accuse the president of ignoring the court and doing a special favor for his friend, and maybe it is a favor for a loyal friend and colleague, it matters very little. Bush is well within his right as Chief Executive, every president has done it, and by leaving the $250,000 fine and two year probation in place, Bush has shown that he believes some punishment was appropriate. As far as I am concerned, Libby should be allowed to go about his life, this matter should be closed.

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