Anyone who thinks Bush should be impeached must also believe that Abe Lincoln should have been impeached...

I hear people ignorantly insist everyday that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are criminals and should be removed from office as such, though every reasoning I have ever encountered for taking such extreme action implies that these people also believe that Lincoln deserved to be impeached and removed from office following his decision to suspend habeus corpus during the Civil War. Thus, every time I hear someone ignorantly spewing hate-filled accusations against the president, labeling him a criminal and insisting that he has shown total disregard for the constitution and our rights as citizens, I retort with exactly this point. On a rare occasion people agree that they believe Lincoln should have been removed from office and I commend these people for consistency, though I still believe they are crazy and misunderstand the constitution.

I would like to challenge those who believe that Bush is guilty of gross violation of the constitution and believe he should be impeached, but do not agree that Lincoln should have been subject to the same consequences following his radical decisions during the civil war, to please submit their logic so I can better understand. I am of the opinion that most people have become so deeply inflicted with Bushitus, which I define as hyper-reactionary convulsions and uncontrollable foaming of the mouth following the mention of the name "Bush", that they have lost touch with reality. I am here to help those of you who suffer from this chronic ailment cope with your disease and find peace in the world of common sense. Please submit your argument so I can assess your symptoms and diagnose a remedy.

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