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A friend of mine criticized the fact that I had included silly martial arts montage videos in my first post on the Finkelgate controversy, so I have decided to post more of Norman Finkelstein in his own words so my readers can judge for themselves how professional and tenure-worthy/unworthy they believe him to be.

The first nine clips of this YouTube playlist feature a debate between Professor Finkelstein and CNN's Wolf Blitzer. It took place several years ago so you will probably find it rather humorous.

The last few clips are a debate between Finkelstein and former-Israeli Foreign and Security Minister Shlomo Ben Ami on Democracy Now.

The last two are longer and include both parts of a lengthy speech given very recently by Finkelstein on whether or not criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic.

Be forewarned, this is a long collection of videos, but I wanted to present a comprehensive collection of highlights for you to see and pass judgement for yourself. I hope these videos are better received than those I included in my last post, and I hope everyone enjoys watching.

I encourage everyone to share their reactions in the comments below.

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