Tucker Carlson: Bill Richardson most qualified candidate (Huh?)

Tucker Carlson played the new Bill Richardson campaign commercial today on his MSNBC show Tucker, and stated confidently that he believes Governor Richardson is the most qualified candidate in the entire race, though he conceded that Richardson has no chance. I agree that the Governor has an impressive resume, and he may well be the most qualified candidate in the Democratic Primary, but it is impossible for me to believe that a candidate with no military service on his resume could be the most qualified candidate in a race that includes Senator John McCain.

I do not think that military service is a requirement to be president, it absolutely is not, but regardless of whether a candidate would make the best president, he/she cannot be the most qualified to be commander and chief of an armed forces in which they did not serve. Bill Richardson is very well qualified, but Sen. McCain is probably the most qualified presidential candidate in a generation. However, because of his age and reputation as a maverick, he too is unlikely to emerge from the primary elections as his party's nominee.

As for the commercial itself, it is the most impressive and creative presidential campaign ad I have ever seen, and if Richardson can afford to put it on during prime time all around the country he will be able to increase his name recognition and will have connected with voters in a positive and humorous way, as opposed to his opponents, who will likely continue to be driven by their negative anti-Bush message.

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