Supposed Democratic frontrunners run scared of Brit Hume and Chris Wallace...

Several months ago, conservative commentator and Fox News contributor Ann Coulter called former-North Carolina Senator John Edwards a "fag" during an appearance on the Hannity and Colmes political talk show, and ever since the Democratic candidates have been scattering like cockroaches when the light turns on. I find it amazing to me that all three major Democratic candidates have chosen to bow out of the Fox debate, especially Barack Obama, who needs all of the exposure and name recognition that he can get in his uphill battle against Mrs. Bill Clinton.

Senator Edwards was the first to bow out in March shortly after the comments made by Coulter, and was followed more recently by Obama and Clinton. One would think that Edwards, a litigator famous for his rousing courtroom speeches, would relish the opportunity to take his message to the largest audience the Democrats will likely have during the primary contest. He participated in the two debates hosted by Fox in 2004 during the Democratic primary, and as far as I can remember he looked very impressive during those appearances.

Senator Obama has failed to provide any reason other than that offered by his spokesman who stated, "CNN seemed like a more appropriate venue." So essentially Barack is scared of having to face the tough questions and prefers only the softballs lobbed by Anderson Cooper. Too bad more people will watch highlights on the Democratic debate on Fox than actually tune into the debate live on CNN. Republican candidate Ron Paul recently saw his campaign get a shot of adrenaline after his performance in the recent Republican Primary Debate on Fox, during which he might as well have been reading Democratic talking points in response to questions about his long-held position against the war in Iraq.

Mrs. Bill Clinton has also failed to offer any explanation for why she will not participate in the Fox debate, other than comments by her incompetent spokesman to the effect that she has chosen to only partake in the debates officially sponsored by the DNC (except of course for those other two events she had "previously committed to"). Fox is co-hosting the debate with the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), which is an entirely Democratic group, so I do not understand why it has failed to earn the endorsement of the DNC.

The debate is still several months away and it is yet unclear if any other Democratic candidates will join their supposedly more qualified colleagues watching from Howard Dean's basement. In the meantime I think that Senator Obama and Mrs. Clinton should be forced to answer questions themselves, rather than sending their embarrassing spokesmen to answer for them, on why they don't think the Fox debate is worthy of their participation. Edwards is the only candidate with an excuse, though a lame excuse at best, and the only logical explanation for their decision to follow Edwards faster than he chases ambulances through Raleigh is that they find the coverage on the other cable news networks more favorable to their position.

My next post will address which of the second-tier candidates stand to benefit the most if the "Big 3" stick to their guns.

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