Question for The Donald: If Elizabeth Hasselbeck is "dumbest person on TV", what does that make your son?

I have said on this blog many times, Donald Trump is an incredibly impressive individual and may end up being the greatest real estate tycoon of the century when his career is over, but does anyone else think it is a bit disturbing that he gets off on bashing Rosie O'Donnell at every available opportunity? Even more disturbing, he has now decided that he shit smells so good and he is so superior, he might as well lash out at poor Elizabeth Hasselbeck, calling her one of the dumbest people on television and belittling her beyond anything that I had ever expected from the Donald.

I do not care about Donald calling a spade a spade when he trashes Rosie, she deserves it, but I am surprised that he hasn't had the presence of mind to back off his rude and uncalled for comments about Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I just watched Donald briefly speaking with Geraldo on his Fox News weekend show Geraldo At Large, and though Geraldo was clearly reluctant to confront Trump aggressively, he was asking all of the questions that I think Trump too often gets a pass on when he runs his mouth.

One question I would really love to hear someone ask Trump is what he thinks of his son, considering Donald Jr. has recently made headlines as the host of a massive fundraiser for Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign. Last time I checked, Giuliani's position on the war was not too far off from Mrs. Hasselbeck's, so I wonder Donald, do you think your son is one of the dumbest billion-heirs in America? Clearly he must be if you are going to hold your son to the same intellectual standard to which you hold television personalities.

Despite his pig-headed refusal to withdraw his comment that "Elizabeth Hasselbeck is one of the dumbest people on television", and his sickeningly narcissistic need to mention that he attended Wharton Business School every time he is front of a camera, I can't help but find The Donald compelling. Thank god Rosie finally had the decency to shut up and go away, and we can finally start to hear what Donald has to say about more important things, like his new building in Chicago, or what project he is planning next.

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