Would Bill Clinton be his wife's Chief of Staff? Would that even be Constitutional?

My recent posting about Bubba's new girlfriend has led me to consider more seriously the implications of another Clinton White House, particularly the role that would be played by the former Commander-in-Chief, President Bill Clinton, who would be in a position to exert significant influence over every administration policy, both foreign and domestic. Though I do not think that Hillary Clinton is going to win (or at least I pray daily this is an accurate prediction) I find some comfort in the fact that Bill would likely view his wife's Administration as a vehicle for repairing his own tarnished legacy and would be inclined to take an active role in the policy-making process. But the more I thought about how a Clinton White House would be structured, considering the clear ambiguity and possible conflict of interest that Clinton loyalists may encounter if a situation arose which Bill may think his wife to be misguided, and thus start issuing orders behind the scenes as if he were still the man of the house. Certainly this wouldn't be a problem- but wait, what if Bill was Hillary's Chief of Staff? Essentially, if he were White House Chief of Staff, Bill might as well be President, since it is widely understood that the day to day business of the Federal government is managed by the president's chief aide. Would this be a violation of the Constitutional amendment limiting the president's two terms in office?

Probably, but it is about time America came to terms with the absurdity of such limitations on the greatest among us, who are unfortunate enough to reach the pinnacle of professional and political accomplishment before most of their peers have even been promoted beyond middle-management. It is sad to see Bill Clinton, so young and so brilliant, but because of the deceptive methods of FDR during an age when the media could be bullied into self-censoring, thus removing from the public record any evidence of his physical handicap and chronic illness. In an age when men can reach great heights before the noon hour of their lives, and the uber-transparent nature of the mainstream media has essentially rebuilt the White House with Saran Wrap, why should we place arbitrary limits on that man's (or woman's) accomplishments. Any country that willingly lays waste to their greatest minds deserves the incompetence they inherit.

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