Thoughts on the pollenation crisis from Castro and some bloggers...

I am consumed by my recent discovery that the commercial bee population has disappeared without warning. The implications of such a development are monumental, and though there is some attention being paid by the local media and major network outlets, the cable news and newspaper op-ed pages are to preoccupied with trying to understand the psychological disorders that cause people to go on shooting rampages and who is Anna Nicole's baby-daddy. I won't even start on the disgustingly obsessive coverage of the 2008 Presidential Primary, Primary, Press Conference.

The first story is really written by Fidel Castro, and I find it amazing that he is the only world leader I can find making any extensive comment on the matter at all. Typically I would have nothing good to say about Fidel, but today he gets some props, and any previous illusions that I may have harbored about his physical and mental state, or his imminent death and demise have been archived for a date still maybe years to come...Yikes. -->Fidel Castro: Where have all the bees gone?

This article came up in the top ten results on Google for the search term 'bees gone'. The article originates from 1993 and summarizes findings and concerns of scientists at Penn State University, who noticed rather early that there was a trend emerging in US bee populations that indicated a drastic depletion. I find it very interesting that my initial hypothesis, that this is a crisis without warning, was inaccurate and in fact there have been signs for 10-15 years in isolated areas of the US. 1998 article from Penn State Agriculture Magazine: Where have all the bees gone?

The following were a collection of some of my favorites, including the last one which I comment on below. I am going to try to stay on top of how the media covers this issue from here on out, for it is understandable that everyone is consumed with the events of Monday at Virginia Tech, but eventually they will get as sick of the 24-7 obsessive coverage and start recognizing the real (and far less depressing) world of politics, markets and mother nature.

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Has the bee crisis been fueled by a complacent, distracted and increasingly unprofessional media? Please feel free to share your thoughts in response to this question, or on the emerging crisis generally.

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