Photo's of Speaker Pelosi in Syria with Bashar Assad...

This picture of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi with Syrian Dictator Bashar Assad is the first I have seen, and it is just as juicy and inexplicable as I thought it might be. Who is the genius that convinced Pelosi that this was a good idea? In my opinion, she might as well be sitting on the anti-aircraft guns flirting with the Viet Cong with Jane Fonda. Just to give a quick photo-profile of Pelosi's host, I thought I would highlight who he hangs around with when their isn't a US Speaker in town.

We can now count the Democratic leader among the closest allies of the Syrian President, which should have been inferred from her party's recent legslative coup, trying to dictate the Bush Administration's foreign policy by using cheap partisan proceedural and non-binding to undermine the president's authority.

Appallingly, the media is totally complicite, and I have no doubt that the editors of every major news outlet understand how damaging these images of Speaker Pelosi are. Now the question is, are they going to make it the story that it deserves to be, or will it be tucked on page 15, with Fox being the exception. I doubt that any of the networks are going to sacrafice the ratings that a story like this should generate, but they (everyone on MSNBC particularly) are proving to be just that dishonorable.

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