NFL Draft: Bear's maybe trade Briggs for 4th pick?

There is rumor that the Tampa Bay Bucaneers have their sights set on Chicago Bear's middle linebacker Lance Briggs, and are willing to deal their 4th pick in the NFL Draft to get him. I have a feeling that Coach Gruden would enjoy having Briggs at the heart of his defense as he tries to take on the Bears for the NFC Championship. But who shall the Bears choose? At the fourth position you can get whomever you want. My guess is Jerry Angelo will be deciding in the next fews days if Grossman is his guy, or if he wants to keep his options open.

I think Grossman is under-rated, because no matter how good Peyton Manning is, it took him eight seasons to get to the Super Bowl, and it only took Grossman one. He is a big time super star who was put in the unfortunate position of having two terrible injuries at the very beginning of his career, which gave him too much time to think about stuff, eventually thinking himself to death. If this fact alone makes him expendable, then Jerry might trade and pick Brady Quinn. I tend to think that if the Bears had a more consistent quarterback they would have been undefeated last season.

Brady Quinn in Chicago would be interesting. With Charlie Weis having trouble at Notre Dame, maybe he could be coaxed out of South Bend to run the offense with Lovey running the defense. Even if Weis can turn it around this year at ND, he plays on Saturday, and could easily make the short drive (more likely chartered flight) to Chicago for a skybox view.

By no stretch of the imagination do I think Quinn is the only person the Bears should think about in the 4th position, but it would be very interesting. Calvin Johnson would be great, but I think they could save that pick and take Dwayne Jarrett at the end of the first round. One mock Draft had him going 40th, which is way too low for a kid as talented and exciting as Jarrett.

Briggs is an exceptional talent, so it would be a shame to see him get away without anything to show for it, so I have no doubt the Bears are lookin' to wheel and deal.

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