Evidence of global epidemic as Taiwan farmers report "millions of missing bees"...

Taiwan stung by millions of missing bees | Tech&Sci | Science | Reuters.com

The inexplicable and potentially devastating disappearance of millions of honeybees in North American and Europe is now thought to be plaguing the Asian continent as well, with bee-keepers in Taiwan reporting today that as many as six million bees have been wiped out by an exceptionally volatile winter climate, which could have a dramatic impact on the quality of Spring crops on the island.

Until this morning I was unaware of any major disturbances to the bee populations outside of the US and select EU states. Given the evidence that we are in fact facing a global epidemic, and since the media is more concerned with non-binding resolutions being voted on predictably in Washington, I think it is essential that I make it my priority to provide a synopsis of any and all developments in the scientific quest to find the missing honeybees.

It will be a few weeks, I assume, before any predictions about the impact the bee's disappearance will have on this years harvest, but reading the chatter in the blogosphere certainly gives one the impression that scientists are trying to lower expectations around the world.

It is likely that no matter what the real impact on crop production may be, speculation amongst traders in the commodities markets are likely to drive prices up, which adds to the list of daily consumer goods that have seen a sharp increase in their market price in recent years and months because of global instability, whether environmental or the result of human conflict. One thing we can all be certain about, the answers to our questions are not going to fall into our laps.

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