Cell phones to be kept out of airplanes permanently...

Cell phones in the sky: Not now, not ever! - Wireless World - MSNBC.com

There are very few things in this world that are present in everyone's life at all times, but one of these things is the cell phone each of us has forgotten how to survive without. Unfortunately, because we have all become so dependent upon our mobile phones, nobody has been willing to stand-up and establish a general code of conduct, or prevailing cell phone etiquette for situations such as those that involve interacting with another individual, for example going through a check out line at a grocery store. Nobody has yet had the audacity to say, "look, you on the phone, you're annoying the hell out of me and everyone else here so put the phone away and shut up."

I was little surprised when consumers began demanding access to their cellular phones in the last remaining refuge on earth, where everyone exists in an equally disconnected medium that allows the use of only electronics that are silent. The airlines had been entertaining the idea of removing this ban on cellular phones, and the resulting uproar amongst passengers have now assured that these friendly skies will remain just as inviting as ever, as the FAA has tables the proposal to loosen restrictions indefinitely.

Now all that we need is someone with enough audacity to lead the charge against all of the cellular polluters who blather away about American Idol, or their boyfriends for the entire 30 minute El ride home from work everyday . Personally, I choose not to talk on my phone in front of anyone, except when absolutely necessary, and I appreciate when my friends are similarly respectful. In fact, most of my friends are similarly put-off by rude chit-chatters, so we all try to lead by example. However, not a day goes by during which I can happen to avoid hearing about someone's elses very important and VERY ANNOYING drama. Everyone out there who thinks the world wants to hear your conversations, "SHUT UP!"

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