Bubba's new girlfriend?

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According to the internet magazine The First Post Bill Clinton has been dodging the tabloids with his new "friend", Canadian MP Belinda Stronach. Time magazine counted Stronarch among their list of the 100 most powerful people on the planet two years ago, and despite her withdrawal from a campaign for the premiership last year, she is only 40 and has just recently taken to politics following her divorce from her speed skating superstar husband a few years back.

Bill has been surprisingly low key in the early stages of the presidential campaign, and now it becomes clear where he has been hiding out. Canadian tabloids are not hesitant to imply that the two public figures have a very friendly friendship, and since this is Bill Clinton we are talking about I think its safe to assume that slick Willy is enjoying the curves of more than just the world class alpine resorts.

The question is, will Bill and his extra-curricular activities help or hurt his wife's candidacy- they certainly didn't hurt his public image too badly, though his historical legacy has some battle wounds that will forever shroud his accomplishments in a veil of shame. I have always felt that the best chance for Hillary to win the White House would be if/when she could rid herself of her husbands baggage. I had a terrible dream the other night that President Clinton suffered a coronary and died, which gave Hillary an insurmountable emotional advantage in her primary battle against the young and dashing Illinois Senator Barack Obama. This is a nightmare that I hope to never have curse my peaceful hours of slumber again, for as frightening as President Hillary Clinton sounds, it conjures much more pleasant feelings with the confidence that Bill will be on watch making sure she doesn't screw up the office anymore than it already has been.

Bill will always be Bill, and Bill at his worst is better than Hillary ever, for any reason. Let him have his girlfriends, in fact, let him choose his girlfriend on a primetime reality TV show if he's up to it- but please, please don't let his puppet pull her own strings...

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