Shut up and wait until 2008!

Wired News: E-Vote Memo is a "Smoking Gun"

In the months leading up to the November midterm elections, Democratic operatives were all over the cable news channels screaming FOUL and pointing fingers at Karl Rove, whom they all insisted was lurking in the shadows recruiting and dispatching his team of GOP hackers around the country to rig the ballot 'drives' (I guess) to ensure a Republican majority. Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and their radical kin were more than willing to oblige, giving these political hacks unchallenged airtime to spew their slanderous preemptive damage control, while barely even pretending like they might doubt the truth behind these baseless accusations.

Sure enough, the Democrats won on the merits and for the most part, discussion of voter fraud, disenfranchisement and e-vote tampering almost, ALMOST evaporated from the political airwaves. However, Democratic candidate Christine Jennings from Florida's 13th Congressional District has been unable to come to terms with the certified results of her narrow 400-vote loss to Republican Congressman Vern Buchanan. She went to Washington and made her way into the group photo of Democrats elected to the 110th Congress, even though she had yet to be elected by anyone, and ever since she had her moment in the spotlight Jennings has aggressively pursued every and any course of action to try and get the courts to agree with her determination that e-Vote fraud led to a suspiciously low turnout and handed the election to her opponent.

First of all Ms. Jennings, why don't you save the money you have been wasting on legal fees and publicity in your futile attempt to get into a Congress that has left you behind. Instead, put that money toward your 2008 campaign and try to win the seat back with your IDEAS and POLICIES, instead of your legal tap dancing. Have some pride. Sit down and shut up, it is only another 6 months before election season will be back in full swing.

Has anyone ever heard a single Republican bitch about voter fraud and electronic vote tampering? I don't doubt that someone has, but they certainly haven't done so on any of the major national news networks.If memory serves me accurately, there were a dozen or more Congressional races that came down in favor of the Democrats by a margin of 1,000 votes or fewer. If we are going to recount the ballots in Florida's 13th Congressional District, why not recount the ballots in all of these races too? Who knows what would happen if we actually did count all of those ballots manually. One wouldn't be out of line at all to suggest that there might be several Democratic Congressmen and ladies who find themselves backing there bags early and forfeiting their seat to a GOP opponent who had so quickly become a distant memory. I live in Cook County. Nobody needs to tell me about the voice of the dearly departed and kinda-sorta citizens who proudly cast their ballots for the Democrats in my city, and have in some cases for the last 50+ years. Someone needs to remind the Democrats that it is always wise to quit while they are ahead.

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