Is John Edwards' decision to stay in the race selfish?

I was watching John and Elizabeth Edwards on 60 Minutes last night with my parents, sisters and grandma, and I was interested to hear what they had to say about the former-Senator's decision to stay in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination in light of the recent discovery that his wife's cancer had returned. The prognosis for Elizabeth Edwards' future is not especially promising, in fact it could be classified as down-right grim. Her breast cancer has spread to her bones, and had it not been for an accidental injury sustained to her ribcage the disease would have spread throughout her body unchecked. Her doctor has said that the cancer is no longer curable, but merely "treatable", which is not an encouraging diagnosis, but with the advancements in modern medicine it is entirely possible that she will live normally for years to come. The Edwards have appeared together to assert that the campaign will go on, insisting that John is the best man to lead the country for the next eight years. But is this decision selfish, and would it be best for the Edwards family if John dropped out of the race?

Personally, I would do exactly what Senator Edwards has done, stay in the race and go on with life as if everything was normal. Maybe I share Senator Edwards' narcissistic tendencies, but if anyone thought that they were truly the best person to lead the country for the next eight years then it would be irresponsible, in my opinion, to leave the race under any circumstances. Edwards offers a unique and attractive option to Democratic primary voters who are unwilling to support another Clinton and are uncomfortable voting for an inexperienced Senator Obama.

My family took a very different position, insisting that it was selfish and unfair to the Edwards' children, the youngest of which are merely 6 and 8 years-old. They could not understand why someone would put their own ambitions ahead of their family and children's best interests. I cannot say that I approve of their sentiments, so I decided to ask my girlfriend her opinion since she typically makes a good arbiter on issues such as this. In her opinion, nobody is in a position to determine the merit of a decision that is so deeply personal. But in the world of blogs and 24 cable news, who is to say what is off-limits and what is not? What do you think?
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