Future of Apple is in logging time...

Apple lets customers in on the advanced features to be expected from their next "Large Cat OS", Leopard, on the companies website and the most innovative features are very exciting. The most recent selected disclosure surrounds the concept of creating a "scrollable" history of each edit made to any program, folder, file, etc. Leopard has been rumored as of late to be behind schedule, with internal sources hinting that the company will miss its April target for public release. As a recent Mac convert I am ecstatic and eagerly anticipate the release of Apple's answer to Vista, regardless of whether or not it will be released on time or not. Lets not forget that Vista was released about 18 months after it was originally projected to hit shelves. This feature is one of many enticing new components Apple is bringing to the table in their new OS. A profile of all Leopard advancements can be viewed here.
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