Polling myself daily in the run-up to the 2008 Presidential Elections: Day 1 goes to Romney...

I recently added a poll widget to the sidebar on the right using the handy step-by-step process provided by Poll Daddy, the best free, Web 2.0 poll creator on the internet. It was my hope that random visitors and my friends would each vote so I could better gauge who has emerged as the early Republican favorite in the 2008 primary amongst the readers of TWWI. After a few weeks I became discouraged because nobody seemed to take notice, and my result remained largely unchanged until today. I have decided that in honor of the greatest media frenzy in the history of presidential politics, I will vote again and again, each time basing my choice on the most recent hype and hubris extolled by the pundits on Fox, MSNBC and maybe even CNN. I must admit up front, I have a bias; Rudi is my man and no matter what my reasoning for voting one way or another on a given day, I see nothing that could sway me from my deeply held convictions that Rudi G. is unbeatable.

However, today I have chosen Mitt Romney, as he is the first to have launched a national advertisement and it was impressively non-partisan. Additionally, Romney has been impressive on the stump and in front of cable news anchors having fine tuned his image to come across as not only looking presidential, but well versed in the nuances of language that any aspiring presidential candidate must be the master of during the early legitimizing stages of the race. He has a long way to go in terms of name recognition and consistency of reasoning, but the former-Hedge Fund manager is slick and rich, which are the only two requirements of any potential nominee to begin with. So far the Romney camp gets high marks from this casual observer.
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