Next Path reviews freeware must-haves for college students...

NextPath, a self-proclaimed education finance newsletter for students profiled their top ten freeware applications for college students. Some of them I use everyday, including Google Docs, Wikipedia, Google Reader and Del.icio.us, and now that I have read the reviews of the others I plan on integrating a few into my routine as well. In particular, Meebo, an instant messaging client that integrates Yahoo, GTalk, AIM, and MSN all into one interface. Also, Zoho is a Web 2.0 Power Point program which I have tried in the past and which appears to have a great deal of potential.

Interestingly, just this week Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska proposed legislation that would ban Wikipedia from use in US colleges. Though I agree with the premise that students should not be permitted to cite Wikipedia as a reference, I do not think that there is anything inappropriate about its general usage as a vehicle for driving inspiration on different ideas or interests students may have. It is a lot more useful that MySpace at least, which I consider to be the most substantial waste of time of all the internet social networking sites, and should absolutely be banned from college campuses (well, maybe not).
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