Faith is strong, but the internet is God now...

BREITBART.COM - Scholars, Clergy Slam Jesus Documentary

Just one year ago today, HBO began its Entourage mega season (which it absolutely was) hype, and between every feature or film, you (we) were getting fixated on the Premiere of Aquaman, Directed by James Cameron and starring Vincent Chase opposite Mandy Moore. In an amazing twist of events, James Cameron has this week nominated himself for Anti-Christ and more intriguingly may have uncovered the secrets of the most miraculous of all men, Jesus of Nazareth.

Frankly, I would like to think that Cameron is wrong, as I always pictured a far greater man or woman presenting the truths (i suppose arguably) before the faithful about 200 years from now, when everyone still alive is in Chicago living the good life on the great lakes with Daley XXIII continuing on the Royal order founded by his ancestors. But if this is truly the first day of the beginning of the end for traditional religion, then so be it.

The possibility that everything Christians have held so dear for nearly two thousand years is, for me, both distressing and exciting. On the one hand, the possible ramifications of such a development could turn the world upside down unlike anything since the 17th century English revolution. On the other hand, the myopic world-view of uber-religious Christians around the country and world may finally be awaken to the realities of life in the 21st century, where information and connectivity rule over the will of God.
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