al-Sadr flees to Iran? Bush ups the rhetoric against Tehran...

U.S.: Radical cleric al-Sadr in Iran - CNN.com

The high-profile pain in the ass of the US Marine Corp, Shiite cleric and part-time mercenary Muqtada al-Sadr, may have high-tailed it toward his brothers in Iran. His associates dispute the claim, made by US military officials, and his where-abouts are yet to be determined.

At the same time, President Bush has subtly upped the ante with the Iranian administration. For its part the Amadine-jihad administration has also become much more aggressive in its rhetoric, and unusually candid with the American media. Mahmoud gave an interview to Diane Sawyer, who has been undercover in Tehran (complete with veil) and often looking like she is trying to avoid attention, did a great job probing the mind of the one of the world's most under-investigated and understood figures. Mahmoud has long asserted that he welcomes the American public to come and judge his policies on their merit, but rarely (as Amadine-jihad in fact mentions sarcastically during the interview) do we in America get any more than a sound-bite.

Rumor has it that al-Sadr fled Iraq as a direct result of the much publicized troop surge that has been embraced by the Bush Administration as their victory strategy in the war-torn capitol city of Baghdad. This alone should make his idea seem a little more attractive than most of the officials in Washington would like you to believe it is, but what more should be expected from a majority that gained its power through a campaign predicated on the strategy of making the president look bad all day every day. How should they be expected to defer to his authority on such matters as making and implementing foreign policy? Everyday it becomes apparent that we live in the Age of Opportunism...
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