Was Chicago visited by a UFO?

In the sky! A bird? A plane? A...UFO?-- Chicago Tribune

People all over the world are constantly witnessing what they believe to be visits by extraterrestrial spacecraft, but rarely is are there more than a few corroborating witnesses, and the claims are usually dismissed by authorities as optical allusions. However, one such event which took place in the Chicagoland area recently has received quite a bit of local attention and has already prompted both United Airlines and the FAA to change their official position on the events that transpired on that hazy night over Chicago.

According to a report in the Chicago Tribune over the weekend, as many as a dozen United airlines employees that were spread through the airlines' vast global headquarters located at O'Hare airport, an unusual object was seen hovering roughly 1,500 feet above Concourse C for several minutes before rapidly ascending straight upward, cutting a "hole" in the thick atmosphere which billowed over the airfield at the time. Apparently nobody in the control tower witnessed the event, and the official FAA account of the event classifies it as a "weather phenomenon", but according to the Tribune, it has spoken with several of the witnesses on condition of anonymity and clearly it has concluded that the incident deserves greater public attention and official scrutiny. In fact, one of the witnesses was so emotionally shaken that she has apparently experienced some "religious issues".

I am generally of the opinion that until I have my own encounter with a UFO, I am inclined to dismiss those that are taken seriously, or at least given public attention, as the product of psychedelic hallucinogens or just pathetic attempts to get a little bit of attention. However, because all of the United employees that the Tribune interviewed spoke under condition of anonymity, and because the FAA and United were willing to compromise their credibility by lying to the Tribune when first contacted regarding the official record of events, I think this event deserves to be investigated thoroughly. I believe that these employees saw "something", and I also believe that the airline and the federal authorities would prefer to avoid having to figure out exactly what that "something" was, but as long as the Tribune aggressively pursues the story I do not doubt we will have an official explanation of an inexplicable anomaly sooner rather than later.
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