Surge of 20,000 may just be the beginning...

This story popped up on Drudge a few minutes ago and if this is true, and the Iranians are about to test a nuclear device underground in the desert, there is absolutely going to be a showdown in the desert. Such an escalation would be unquestionably met with a swift response of heavy airstrikes and full ground assault. I can't possibly imagine anything other than an all out ass whoopin'. That said, we've seen what happened in Iraq. Iran has been our enemy since they held our diplomatic presence in Tehran hostage in the late-1970's, so I doubt it would take much to get Bush to reign hellfire and brimstone and grant Amadine-jihad's apocalyptic premonitions upon his government and the Ayatollahs. Amadine-jihad only seems to be further emboldened, even after suffering political defeats in key local elections in the nation's capitol.

If this is accurate, I am joining the Marines and I would urge everyone else to consider following suit. If the military isn't your bag, you may have an option to join a Civilian Corp. soon, which Bush proposed in his speech last night. The next phase of WWIII may be on the horizon.
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