SpaciaLogic: Web 2.0 Political Style...

So I stumbled upon this link tonight and I was shocked that there is actually a service that offers such comprehensive campaign management information. It is an absolute must use for political coordinators, and for ambitious nerds and political junkies like myself, a lot of useful knowledge when plotting future campaigns. Since I don't have $220 dollars to drop right now, I cannot offer more than just my initial thoughts upon discovering SpaciaLogic, but if anyone out there has a password they would like to share, or when my income reflects the true value of my knowledge, I will definitely give my full review. The potential impact this information has on the future of American politics, as well as any other region of the world where similar services and information are available on the internet, are immeasurable. Data like this has been accumulated in the minds of professional political operatives of previous generations as they suffer the agony of many a campaign both won and lost, and rarely is the information passed along to anyone more than an apprentice. The future of politics is upon us, and it will be up to the politicians to recognize the value of the internet as a tool for more than just raising money.
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