Once struggling Panda has fertile year in China...

30 Panda's Born in '06

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Because they are without equal in the world of things that are cute, cuddly and generally impossible not to love, I thought I would send out a congratulations to the thriving Panda population in China, which has added steadily to it captive population since the Chinese government has stepped up efforts to stop poaching and preserve the bear's natural habitat. Once thought on the verge of annihilation, Panda's are no longer spoken of as if a lost cause. The complicated and delicate birthing of a Panda cub (newest newborns pictured on left) was a difficult procedure for Chinese zoologists and veterinarians to master. But after years of trial and tribulation, all of the hard work and investment put forward in one last ditch effort to save the lovable Asian bear payed off and the world need not fear losing its Panda any time soon. The Chinese now have 217 total Pandas that are considered healthy in captivity, with 30 of those born just this year.
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