NFL Rookie of the Year Nomination...

I have tried to avoid sports related posts on this site, but as I sit here watching the Bears play Seattle in the the NFC Divisional Series and I just can't resist. I love the Bears. My grandpa has had season tickets since the 1960's when the Bears played at Wrigley Field, and I normally wouldn't be watching on tv (but somehow my cousins boyfriend hijacked my ticket). Anyway, my girlfriend isn't much of a football fan and she was wondering why the Seahawks are so afraid to kick the ball to Devin Hester and I have attempted to explain to her that 'Anytime' strikes fear in the hearts of special teams units from the ACC to the NFL. Considering he has broken not one, but two NFL records this season; most returns for touchdowns this season (6) and longest play in NFL history (108.6 yards or so). In my opinion he is the rookie of the year, and I hope he isn't left out of consideration because he is just a Special Teamer. Anyone who disagrees should check out these highlights. Bear Down!

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