Japanese students capture rare deep water shark on video...

UK Daily Mail: Rare Primitive Shark Caught on Film

Japanese students have captured video of just about the creepiest sea creature I have ever seen. The Frilled Shark is extremely primitive, evolving little since prehistoric times. I lives more than a thousand meters below the surface, which is deeper than humans can travel, and it feeds on other sharks and sea creatures. Images such as the one to the left and those captured recently of a live giant squid, the first such photos ever, make one wonder what exactly is down at the bottom of the deep blue sea that we have yet discover. So often forgotten, the oceans are more of a mystery to humans than deep space. We have explored merely 1% of the deepest regions of the underwater canyons and mountain ranges that we could never even begin to understand or conceive of what we do not know. As we advance in our marine capabilities, we will undoubtedly uncover mysteries that will change our understanding of life and its many intricacies in the only places on earth where creatures exist is their most primitive state. Cool.
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