Hanoi Jane and Susan Surrender lead the sheep to the Mall, again...

TheStar.com - News - Fonda leads anti-Iraq War rally

I am young, far too young to remember anything about the Vietnam era, but if the actions of the 1970's hippie, peace movement were anything like the pathetic, intellectually devoid demonstration that Hanoi Jane and Susan Surrender led on the Mall in Washington yesterday, then we should all chip and send them to Baghdad so they can organize the "insurgents" to peacefully repel the "illegal occupiers". I've seen the pictures of Miss NVA 1968 sitting on top of the anti-aircraft cannon, in fact, I felt compelled to include one of the better ones. I understand the principle of free speech, and I am not entirely opposed to peace, but can anyone seriously imagine a scene similar to the one caught in the black and white on the right being replicated in Iraq today? I just don't understand. How ignorant are these people?

I have no doubt that the enemy we face today in Iraq, and throughout the world for that matter, is of a far different breed than the one we stood toe-to-toe with in the jungles of Vietnam. If Fonda tried to get a photo-op with one of the leaders of the terrorist insurgency in Baghdad, I doubt they would oblige her with the same courtesy she was afforded by the Vietcong. Odds are, she would have her head sawed off by masked men screaming "Allah Wekbed" (Praise God, or something disgusting like that). I doubt the last thing that would go through her head would be an image of the American aggressors. It would be almost surreal, wouldn't it? Maybe I should start a not-for-profit that takes donations to purchase one-way airplane tickets for these wackos to use to fly to Iraq or Afghanistan, not to meet with the troops, whom they obviously couldn't care less about, but to meet with Moqtada al-Sadr and his Mahdi militia, or with the commanders of the Taliban. These thick-headed hippies will never understand until they come to terms with the nature of the enemy.

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