The Donald fined $1250 per day in Palm Beach for flying Stars and Stripes?

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The Donald Trump has taken leave from his bitching and dissing match with Rosie O'Donnell to take on an even more disturbingly ignorant and disgusting bully, the Palm Beach municipal government. Apparently, the prissy Palm Beach zoning board, or whomever is responsible for this disgraceful campaign against The Donald, has decided that he is flying the American flag too high at his ocean front club Mar-a-Lago. As a reprimand, they have been fining the billionare television personality $1250 per day until he lowers it to meet their specifications. Predictably, The Donald has gone prime time with his grievances and issued a lawsuit to the tune of $25 million, I guess for emotional damages.

My only question is: Do these people own a television set? Even those of us who hate reality TV and think that Extra kills more brain cells than a heroin overdose, know that The Donald has been engaged in a petty war with daytime talk show personality and former-tomboy actress turned lesbian activist Rosie O'Donnell for weeks. Did they maybe think they could make a quick buck by slipping under The Donald's radar and ultimately becoming a marginal inconvenience. Whoops.

Meanwhile, The Donald sips his latte and swims in his money (think Scrooge McDuck) while watching his show in fifty different languages and munching on caviar...
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