Chicago 2016? Looking good for the Second City...

Chicago was chosen as one of the finalists, along with LA, for the US Olympic Committee's bid for the 2016 Olympic Games. To the left is the logo the city has designed and below is a selection from the official planning committee's website describing the symbolism and inspiration for the logo.

Underlying its simple, sophisticated style, the Chicago 2016 logo represents many different facets of the Olympic spirit and the values of Chicago. Three distinct visual components reflecting some of our city's most iconic symbols are artfully blended to form the Olympic torch.

The flame, in the shape of Chicago’s skyline, represents the way our enduring city rose from the ashes of the Chicago Fire. The blue base of the torch symbolizes Lake Michigan and its stretching shoreline. Merging into a vibrant green, the body of the torch is a reflection of Chicago's lush parks and our commitment to the environment.

Displaying Chicago’s ambition to host a compact Games with little travel time between venues for athletes, the city skyline, lakefront and parks are fitting symbols for an Olympic stage set in the heart of Chicago.

"We are proud to present this dramatic new symbol that creates a very special link between Chicago and the Olympic Games, "Mayor Richard M. Daley said. "The Olympic Games are a very exciting prospect for Chicago, and I'm pleased that we now have a great new symbol to show the world that we're ready to carry the torch."

The city has also released where it plans to host each event, a list which I have attached below. Based on the cities efforts so far, I think it would be safe to say the Mayor is fairly confident that Chicago is not only the US front-runner, but the international front-runner. I hope that we aren't all getting our hopes up, but seriously, how often does a Daley not get what they want?

- Sports Venues

Aquatics - Olympic Aquatics Center (UIC)
Archery - Grant Park
Athletics - Washington Park
Badminton - McCormick Place
Basketball – Preliminaries I & II - Allstate Arena /Chicago State University
Basketball – Finals - United Center
Boxing - UIC Pavilion
Canoe / Kayak - Olympic Whitewater Course at Lincoln Park
Canoe Flat - Lakefront Rowing Course (Monroe Harbor)
Cycling – BMX - Olympic Sports Complex at Northerly Island
Cycling – Road - Cook County
Cycling – Track - Olympic Sports Complex at Northerly Island
Cycling – MTB - Palos Forest Preserve
Equestrian – Dressage - Olympic Equestrian Center (Lake County)
Equestrian – Endurance - Olympic Equestrian Center (Lake County)
Equestrian – Jumping - Olympic Equestrian Center (Lake County)
Fencing - McCormick Place
Football – Preliminaries & Finals - Soldier Field
Football – Preliminaries 1-3 - Ryan Field (Northwestern University), TCF Stadium (University of Minnesota), Husky Stadium (Northern Illinois University)
Gymnastics – Artistic & Trampoline - United Center
Gymnastics – Rhythmic - McCormick Place
Handball - McCormick Place
Hockey - Olympic Hockey Fields at Jackson Park
Judo - McCormick Place
Marathon - City
Modern Pentathlon - McCormick / UIC
Rowing - Lakefront Rowing Course (Monroe Harbor)
Sailing - Olympic Village Harbor
Shooting (In/Out) - Olympic Shooting Complex (Lake County)
Table Tennis - McCormick Place
Tae Kwon Do - McCormick Place
Tennis - Olympic Tennis Center at Lincoln Park
Triathlon - City
Volleyball – Beach - Olympic Sports Complex at Northerly Island
Volleyball – Indoor - McCormick Place
Weightlifting - McCormick Place
Wrestling - McCormick Place

Non-Sports Venues

Olympic Village - New Lakeside community
International Broadcast Center - McCormick Place
Press Center - McCormick Place
Opening & Closing Ceremonies - Washington Park

(sources for information on logo and venues)
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