NFL bans tailgating at Super Bowl XLI...

cbs4.com - Tailgating Forbidden On Super Bowl Sunday

View CBS Miami News Report on Tailgating During Super Bowl

The NFL, apparently without even consulting the Miami Dolphins, has decided to ban tailgating from the Super Bowl Festivities. According to Dolphin officials, tailgating is going to be permitted, but Sue Jaquez, a member of the Super Bowl XLI host committee, told the CBS 4 news in Miami that the organization has been sorely misinformed. She stressed that there would be no RVs allowed within one mile of Dolphin Stadium.

In my opinion this is only another reason to stay here in Chicago next weekend. I mean, this is not a college bowl game, and I doubt very much that a Bears fan would care very much if you told them that there were valid security reasons for banning tailgating. I can't imagine a Bears game without tailgating, and though I am not much of a drinker, I think the fans should call the Dolphins organization and workout some sort of plan for tailgating and RVs to be assembled outside of the supposed one mile halo that surrounds the stadium.

I am curious to find out what everyone thinks about this. Should the NFL ban tailgating at the Super Bowl? Is any supposed security concern that important?
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