Bush authorizes offensive against Iranian networks; is a larger strategy emerging? Let's hope so...

Bush and Rice dropped a bombshell today, admitting that the offensive against Iranian elements in Iraq is now several months old, a realization that, in my opinion, only gives greater credibility to Bush's assertions of Iranian meddling. This the day after hearing reaction from the president's speech which now puts the democrats in the position of having to defend what now looks like an uninformed posturing. They may actually end up looking childish, as long as the American people are willing to believe Bush is serious when he makes accusations and levels consequences on Amedine-jihad's doorstep. Guess what Senator Nelson, they were keeping you out of the loop because they knew you were reckless enough to manipulate issues for national security for political purposes and they didn't want to create the impression of an Iranian confrontation without understanding the playing field. If Bush had been supported universally by the Republican members of the Senate, I honestly don' t think he would have even exposed the operation at all. Truth is, Bush has always listed Iran at the top of his list of enemies. I really think Bush pulled the ace out of his pocket here, at least politically speaking. Sounds like classic Karl Rove to me.

It is outright embarrassing to hear how the president has made progress recently with in the diplomatic and legal fronts against the Iranians, as Howard Dean sheepishly admitted on Chris Matthews, or to hear young, bumbling freshman Congressmen talk about how Iran is our greatest enemy and should be our number one focus, but on substance there was nothing. Only sophomoric rhetoric stating that the Iranians are still years away from developing a nuke (we think) and it should be left to the next Administration (presumably a Dem) to deal with the threat of a nuclear armed Iran. Oh yeah, but first we need to pull our military completely out of the country that borders Iran (maybe the most ideal strategic position), bring them back home to their families for a few years, and then we can send them back to start from scratch when the Iranians decide to press full steam ahead because they no longer face the threat of military retaliation. Pretty soon this logical blunder and political failure will become obvious, or at least I hope.

As fascinating as the last three days have been, the best is undoubtedly yet to come. If this strategy is implemented properly, I think we are going to the streets with 400,000 American marines, trained to roll Baghdad over, and the rules of engagement have been tossed to the curb. I understand the Secretary Gates indicated that the surge in Iraqi troops will be 'phased' over the next six months, but after three years of training I suspect we should have high hopes for the quality of performance. Civil Wars should not be allowed to fester, they should be won and the country should be restored to the order it was given by the voters of Iraq. I foresee a whole bunch of ass-whooping, and I think the Iranians are unlikely to take it well. On his heels after setbacks in local elections, Amadine-jihad is going to likely be provoked to try to persuade the Ayatollahs that offense is their best defense, and our fate is in the hands of the 9th profit and the Persian Muslim rebirth fantasy which believes (maybe) but more importantly has convinced millions of its young citizens to join the martyr's brigade, akin to the Japanese kamakazi pilots. That is one long sentence, but it is also one helluva scary situation.

What has been the most shocking aspect of the whole week, at least to me, is the efforts of the press to pro-actively rally the cause for the politicians who are hootin' and hollarin'. The "Bill O'Reilly Effect" on the prime time media has inspired all of the finger-pointers on the left, who wanted to brand the top-rated cable news host a right-wing hack, too abandon their translucent veils of impartiality, and now Bill O'Reilly really might be the most "fair and balanced" pundit on television.

What if the capitalist revolution has reached its climax. Why don't we talk about the economy, the shrinking deficit , the record closings three times a week for a month on Wall Street . If this is what is to emerge from the recent midst of Washington posturing and intellectual opportunism amongst the major media distributions and pundits, I find it highly unlikely the noise is going to calm and give Bush an inch anytime soon. This leaves many questions about who is posturing themselves where today, literally, for 2008. These next two weeks will tell you who is going to win. S/he quick out of the gate, Guiliani and McCain put all their chips on Bush, and Dems put theirs on Pelosi. SMACK THAT BITCH UP.

There aren't many true believers in Bush left out there, for one reason or another, and the country is trending toward a dangerous Clintonian ignorance of what a world embroiled in a war against terrorism would look like if we walk away after its only super-power failed to give the effort and make the sacrifices we have made in previous commitments, such as in Japan, Western and Eastern Europe and South Korea. Instead we have been subdued by the same pussy-footing that inspired the incredibly disastrous decision to leave Somalia after two helicopters and a couple dozen Marines were killed, which resulted in a Somalian state frozen in a state of uncertainty and a haven for terrorists. I wish Bush was a bit more articulate, but thankfully, responsibility for carrying the torch is soon to be passed to more able orators as anticipation of 2008 heats up.
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