View of the universe may be cast in new light as we focus our lenses on the heavens...

Today the EU hopes to begin a mission that may redefine our view of the universe by adding new focus to the cartographic conquest of deep space and worlds not too unlike our own. Until now, we have not had the ability to see with much clarity planets orbiting distant suns similar to our own, which has left only with speculation as to whether or not water, the essence of life in our own ecosystem, is widely proliferated though out the many billions of solar systems.

Moore's Law, the famous prediction made by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore states that since microchip "complexity" is proportional to the number of transistors, it should hold that the performance of a single chip should double every 24 months. I have never put the time into looking for a comparable axiom coined by an astronomer or space physicist regarding the rate of improvement in our telescopic capability, but it seems to me that our discoveries in just the last five years would make the exponential implications of Moore's logic totally applicable. It has awed me to read about the incredible discoveries made by scientists at NASA and the European Space Agency toward realizing greater meaning of our seemingly insignificant existence in a remote and tranquil corner of the galaxies. We have witnessed and begun to unlock the mysteries of catastrophic interstellar collisions that puzzled and inspired great thinkers like Einstein and his theory of general relativity, or his brilliant thought on "large objects". I have been overwhelmed by the relative obscurity of these groundbreaking and before now science fictional observations that were once thought to be eternal mysteries. We have found planetary systems, made advancements in our physical understanding of the applicability of natural laws in anomolies such as black-holes, and the presence of "dark matter" has become a discovery well within our grasp. We even now believe that we have discovered actual flowing water on Mars, which if confirmed would turn our understanding of our own solar-system on its head.

I am very excited to view the heavenly images captured by the COROT satellite, but I am wish the world would pay better attention to what is going on in the world of astronomy, because it may end up being the biggest story since the Gospels.
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