TWWI gets syndicated on Blog Critics...

This last week has been very interesting and exciting because I was lucky enough to be accepted at one of the internet's finest blog syndication sights blogcritics.org. Before now I was totally unexposed to the passionate and well-reasoned atmosphere that I have experienced in the comment section of my first article, and in the comment sections of several other articles. Though I have enjoyed maintaining my own site for the past six months and I have seen a substantial surge in readership as I have gradually become accustomed to writing for search engines, I had anticipated more by way of critical comments, especially considering the controversial nature of many of my posts. When I stumbled upon Blog Critics last week I leaped at the chance to contribute and thankfully the site's founder and publisher Eric Olsen recognized that I had an unique perspective to add to his very promising e-magazine.

Dedication does not even begin to describe the impassioned back-and-forth between various member-authors of the site, and though I have already seen a few comments removed by website administrators because of their strict no attack policy, commentary is largely the product of a carefully (and brilliantly) crafted strategy for fostering a totally web-based thought-machine for fellow insomniacs to hash out the details of their take on anything and everything that interests them. Though I am the newest member of the Blog Critics community, I am overwhelmed by the sense that I am finally participating in the revolution popularly known as the rise of new media.
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