Obsurd statements from EU, Russian officials and liberal US media show where their true sympathies lie...

Senior European Union, Russian and Indian officials, along with every "compassionate" and "concerned" member of the US media, expressed their dismay following the execution of Saddam Hussein last evening in Iraq, while President Bush and most American political figures found peace and closure in the long battle fought by American troops who are ONLY IN IRAQ BECAUSE OF SADDAM. As I mentioned in the previous post, Alan Colmes from Fox News Channel's Hannity and Colmes disgusted me with his negative, "how can I make Bush look bad?" comments which were posed with such bristled rigidity that he appeared to have taken a large horse tranquilizer, but he never says much intelligent anyways. Colmes must have insinuated or flat out stated that the US was executing the former-Iraqi president and that they had failed to provide him a fair trial, oh wait, it was that they were risking provoking retaliatory attacks from Sunni-backed terror groups in and around Baghdad, oh but I mean, uh, oh, PLEASE SHUT UP ALAN.

I can respect the EU and Russian officials publicly questioning the moral premise for the death penalty, and choosing to express their distaste for the Iraqi governments use of the harsh measure following what many are calling an "unfair" (whatever that means) trial. I have absolutely no respect for the people that have chosen to take issue with President Bush and the interim Iraqi government for acting barbarically, for if they were so concerned about due process and the letter of the law in Iraq maybe they should show up and do something other than sell munitions and rifles to our our terrorist enemy.

Saddam was not a good man, I have never heard anyone suggest that, but he received more sympathy for his execution last night from people who were never able to extend the slightest bit of doubt or uncertainty in the case of Scott Peterson, whose wife's body happened to turn up in the same Bay that every news channel in the US had been broadcasting 24/7 had been the very location his had gone boating that morning?! If you killed Lacy Peterson, wouldn't you have thought the police were offering you an easy way out by leading you to the spot he was present at all morning when she disappeared? If that is not an obvious reason for at least one juror (OR MEMBER OF THE LIBERAL MEDIA) to rule out the death penalty though they still thought he "probably" did it.

However, despite all of the videotaped evidence of Saddam's atrocities, the wars we waged against him, none of this stuff matters because Bush might come out looking good at the end of the day. Someone should send out an intra-hippy memo and make sure these lunatics understand exactly how reckless they have become with words that aren't just empty rhetoric but rather brand what is by no stretch of the imagination a loss for the American military, but is instead a loss for the Iraqi people. Unfortunately, left-wing political hacks like David Letterman, Chris Matthews, Nora O'Donnell, and the entire cast of The View, think it is appropriate and classy to remind us everyday how much smarter they are than the President, or how much Donald Rumsfeld reminds them of Hitler, or pages worth of other ridiculous ad hominum attacks that have penetrated the thick skulls of their obviously sedated/shallow viewers that encourage such blather.

Personally, having now had the opportunity to watch the video footage of the execution I must admit it looked a little bit creepy, but I felt no remorse for the disgraced and condemned Butcher of Baghdad. When I heard he was dead I was reminded of the feeling of relief I had when as a little kid I had heard that famed serial-killer and child-rapist John Wayne Gasey was dead. I don't understand the type of moral-mindset that would allow a person, or in this case dozens of people, to find it appropriate to stand on principal when the world has lost the man that was the cause of all the problems these same people are so frequently bemoaning and relegating to the dust bin of American history.
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