iWoz a must read for all 'technopreneurs'

My friend and I have both recently finished our undergraduate study and have decided to go into business together making Linux-embedded handheld computers. I am not an engineer, nor am I particularly savvy when it comes to electronics or computers, but after reading the recently published memoir from co-founder of Apple Computers and inventor of the modern personal computer Steve Wozniak, I am convinced that nothing will stand in our way.

Though the book is a bit remedial in its presentation (what more can you expect from a guy who has been teaching fifth grade for the last ten years) the wisdom imparted in its 300 pages has breathed newfound confidence into my previously doubt infested entrepreneurial spirit. I consider it an absolute must-read for every aspiring innovator who knows they can change the world but doesn't believe the world will ever notice. Thanks Woz...
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