Ignorant bigots like Goode cast dark cloud over Republicans in eyes of Muslims in America and abroad...

Ellison: 'Lawmaker has a lot to learn about Islam'-- CNN

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Having had the opportunity to work as a intern in the office of Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert during the summer of 2005, I was fortunate to witness government in action from behind the scenes and my experiences will forever be among the most rewarding of my life. Speaker Hastert is without question one of the greatest Congressional leaders we have ever had and the professionalism of his staff has created in me a greater sense of responsibility for the way in which I present myself to everybody I meet. I can't help but wish that all Republicans were cast in the mold of Speaker Hastert and his staff, but as I watch the news tonight I am amazed by the backward, ignorant, bigoted comments made by redneck Congressman Vigil Goode and I wish that Speaker Hastert didn't have to be leaving his office in the Capital during such a low point in the history of the Republican Party.

My specific problems with Congressman Goode's comments involve the despicable way in which he tries to tie the use of the Koran in a Congressional swearing in ceremony to the current threats posed by illegal immigrants. The absolutely absurd notion that the illegal immigrants somehow had anything to do with the elction of Mr. Ellison, the newly elected Congressman from Minnesota who happens to be the first Muslim ever elected to the House, shocks and amazes me. The fact is, almost every single illegal immigrant in this country is probably a Catholic. Another comment made by the Congressman that I found abhorrent was his recollection of an encounter with a constituent who upon entering his DC office and viewing the 10 commandments on the wall asked why he had nothing from the Koran. According to the slightly retarded Congressman, he is a Christian and only supports Christian symbols of God's will for humanity (though he said it in his own slightly-dumbed down way). Well, I have news for Congressman Goode, the 10 commandments in fact do appear, almost verbatim in the Koran. Additionally (and this is something I was only recently enlightened on) the Koran also contains the book of Revelations, as well as all of the stories about Jesus that are so revered by Christians. I wonder why Congressman Goode hasn't taken the time to better understand Islam, considering the importance it will play in the future of our country as the primary tool used by the extremists spreading the hateful ideology that has spawned all of the terrorism that the world currently faces. It is probably because he is a stupid hillbilly who is motivated primarily by hate. Now here is one Republican we could really do without...

On a more positive note, I welcome Mr. Ellison, and from everything I have seen about him I am sure he will be an outstanding Congressman. I hope that his election will inspire Muslims, both Republican and Democrat, to consider a life of public service. They owe it to their country, but more importantly, they owe it to their religion. They can't afford to allow ignorant bigots like Congressman Goode determine and shape how Americans understand its principles.
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