Feeling so anticlimatic during truly historic moments, but finally closure..

Taliban insists that Saddam's execution to intensify jihad

Fact File: Saddam Hussein

As I sit here and listen to Alan Colmes on FoxNews' Hannity and Colmes drone on about the rash decision to execute Saddam due to the possibility that it may fuel terrorist response from Sunni groups enraged by the Shiite led government's treatment of their former frontman, I am beginning to bubble over with rage. The points he and the rest of his liberal breatheren have made in an attempt to paint the US as evil for not giving Saddam a "fair" trial and undermining our cause in the Muslim world. I wonder why they think the videos of innocent American's being beheaded have no effect on the Muslim opinions of their own culture?

I was watching MSNBC earlier and NBC's foremost arabic scholar and translator, whose name is currently escaping me, stated emphatically that not one single major terrorist organization within Iraq has condemned the execution of Saddam, let alone threatened retribution. Alan Colmes is intentionally misrepresenting the facts surrounding the imminent execution of one of the planet's most evil souls for purely political purposes. This, on top of the egregious abuses of the terms "losing" and "lied" and "insurgent" by democrats over the course of the entire war are among the most dispecable examples of political distortion I have witnessed in my young life. The tone with which these supposed "patriots" so smugly assert their brilliance by citing the fact that we are "failing" or losing is truly revolting. One would think that once a Congressman came to the conclusion that a policy was failing that the last thing they would do is run around the cable news circuit declaring victory. If that is a victory, it is the most intellectually devoid in the history of American government, and I suspect that it is unlikely to stand the test of time, as failure tends to be a poor policy objective when your responsibility is to actually govern, rather than just undermining the opposing political party.

"Click"-- trap door releases and the devil is gone, pronounced dead just seconds ago. May he burn in the fires of hell. Shame on you Alan; and Chris Matthews, you are a joke.
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