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I will never forget the day I received my very first Nintendo video game system....

Christmas 1992, I was nine and my sister five. We must have spent the next six months shooting ducks (Duck Hunt) and dodging evil mushrooms (Super Mario). Since that time I have totally shunned video games, playing only in short intervals (Halo only) and usually with great impatience... that is, until the other day when I had the opportunity to try out Nintendo's new Wii. Built upon a similar business plan to their original, revolutionary system, the Wii brings to life an entirely new paradigm in interactive video gaming. It is without question closer to achieving a virtual reality-like dynamic than any of its competitors, and I don't even need to play any of the other next generation systems (which I haven't) to make such an assertion. For all of the hype surrounding the PS3, I have yet to even talk to anyone that has anything good to say about it, primarily because nobody has been able to get there hands on one that they don't immediately list on eBay, but also because they focused all of their development efforts on graphics without fundamentally changing the type of games/interfaces that they offer.

Though I am eagerly anticipating the next installation in the Halo franchise from Microsoft, I doubt I will even consider picking up an Xbox controller until it comes out, and who knows if I will even see a PS3 until after the New Year. Thus, because of both Nintendo's imaginative design and its modest pricing I have decided to officially endorse Nintendo as the video game company of the past, present and future.

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